With their central netID account, users can easily and conveniently log in to a large number of Internet services. Login and password, as well as their consent to use their data, are transparently organized in a Privacy Center – with the advantage that control over the data is completely and exclusively in the hands of the user. Users can change their consents in the Privacy Center at any time. NetID thereby guarantees high security standards and the greatest possible data sovereignty.

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Advantages for netID Users

  • Simple and secure: one login, one strong password
  • Protected and data protection compliant: data storage in Europe
  • Comprehensive and service-oriented: single sign-on access to multiple Internet offerings with only one user-name / password combination
  • Comfortable and transparent: Privacy Center enables central management of consents for data usage across all desired Internet offerings
  • Relevant and personal: Interest-based offerings, recommendations and personalized advertising

Once netID has been set up, users can easily switch between services such as shopping, streaming and e-mail. They are presented with advertising that appeals to them and know that their data is protected securely. When users only have to remember one combination of user-name and password, they are more likely to choose a strong password and thus contribute to the security of their data. A further advantage is the fact that integrating netID in various Internet offerings eliminates the time-consuming registration process. Above all, users who attach importance to compliance with European and German data protection regulations will find netID to be the right alternative to previous single sign-ons.

Key information:
At launch, the circa 35 million user accounts of the founders, WEB.DE, GMX and 7Pass, were netID ready.

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Study by Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland:
"Login Behavior of German Internet Users"

Even before the launch of netID, the Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland, one of the founding members, was investigating the Internet behavior of Germans in 2017 compared to the previous year. The stucy focused on the accounts used. The results clearly show that the foundation is taking the right approach with netID: each respondent used more accounts in 2017 than in 2016 and well over half of them found it easier to use existing logins with new providers. No less than 41 percent preferred German providers. Detailed information on the results can be found in the following charts.

netID Account Providers

The following companies offer the possibility to use a free netID account with an individual netID Privacy Center.

Users with an e-mail address from WEB.DE or GMX or a registration at 7Pass can start using this service immediately. In future, they can simply use their login for netID as well.