netID Single Sign-On

netID single sign-on is the European login standard from the European netID Foundation. It is free of charge and can be integrated quickly and easily into any Internet offering. As a netID partner you increase your login quota with netID and receive sociodemographic and address data of your users in compliance with data protection laws.

For users, the netID login means a better user experience. Using their login data for one of the netID account providers (e.g. WEB.DE, GMX or 7Pass), users can log in with any other netID partner without the need for further registration.

netID Professional and netID Enterprise

netID Professional and netID Enterprise are market solutions from the European netID Foundation. These solutions utilise user data within a Consent Management Platform to provide individual addressing across devices.

With netID, user consents are stored within a stable solution providing cross-device utilization. Instead of using increasingly blocked third-party cookies, all netID products use the server-side netID identifier to recognize users. As a netID Professional or Enterprise Partner, you have access to this identifier.

With netID Professional, the consents are only valid for the respective provider who obtains data from the user. With netID Enterprise, companies can choose to request and obtain the consents from other enterprise partners - independent of which individual offerings the user accesses.

Both, netID Professional and netID Enterprise can be combined with netID single sign-on. Similarly, they can be combined with all common Consent Management Providers that support the Transparency and Consent Framework 2.0 (TCF 2.0 - the new industry standard provided by the IAB Europe), thus augmenting the netID single sign-on.

netID Product Comparison